#SewMyStyle 2018

#SewMyStyle Instagram

This year, I’m really excited about being a leader for #SewMyStyle 2018! This is a year long sewing project on Instagram hosted by Jessica Lorraine. There is a chosen pattern for each month and at the end of the year the aim is to have a lovely capsule wardrobe made all by you! Take a look at the schedule and see the wonderful patterns we are using each month:

#SewMyStyle Instagram Schedule

In order to take part you must sign up (see link below) before the 22nd of every month (you only need to sign up once though!) and you will receive discount codes for the month’s selected patterns! Great! We have some fabulous sponsors lined up too for a randomly chosen winner each month.

There are six leaders (including me!) helping Jessica throughout the year writing blog posts with hints, tips, fabric suggestions and everything in between. The fantastic ladies that I have the pleasure working with are:

Catherine of Thread Snips

Maddie of Maddie Made This

Sarah of Like Sew Amazing

Elizabeth of Pins and Pinot

Laura of The Petite Passions

Check out their blogs, each very different in their own way and really fun and interesting reads. You can sign up and find out all about #SewMyStyle here and please join in on the fun!


January #SewMyStyle 2018 Friday Pattern Company – Sunny Dress/Top


February #SewMyStyle2018 By Hand London – Rumana Coat


March #SewMyStyle2018 Closet Case Patterns – Kalle Shirt/Shirtdress

side bump

April #SewMyStyle2018 Tilly and the Buttons – Marigold Maternity Hack


May #SewMyStyle2018 Deer and Doe – Myosotis 

side bump 2

June #SewMyStyle2018 Helen’s Closet – Suki Kimono


July #SewMyStyle2018 Blank Slate – Forsythe Shorts


August #SewMyStyle2018 Hey June – Halifax Hoodie