Megan Nielsen

Megan Nielsen Briar T-Shirt


Hello everyone! I finally managed to get my butt into gear and make June’s #sewmystyle (a couple of weeks late) which is the Megan Neilsen Briar t-shirt. Pat on the back for blogging about it in record time 🙂

Again, like the Megan Neilsen Virginia Leggings , it wouldn’t have been a pattern I would have picked to sew for myself. However, unlike the Virginia Leggings, this pattern worked out really well for me and I was delighted with it. The instructions are fantastic and really clear with great illustrations. It would be a lovely pattern as an introduction to sewing with stretch fabric for beginners.  There are only four pattern pieces which was great from a printing, sticking and cutting point of view. I’m still loving the PDF patterns as postage is just too much for printed patterns. I bought a couple of printed Simplicity patterns from one of my local (an hour away!) craft shop today and there’s something nice about paper instructions instead of staring at a computer screen. As strange as that sounds!


Construction of the Briar tee was nice and simple. Top stitching the pocket onto the front went well. Stitching isn’t perfect but I didn’t want to start unpicking and sewing again. For my next Briar (’cause there will be one or two more!), I think I will change the placement of the pocket, no more than a centimeter, towards the center front. When my arms are by my side it almost feels like the pocket is in my armpit! I went for the rounded pocket rather than the square as I think it goes nicely with the neckline.

I love, love, love the neckline! The shape, the construction and the finish – loved it all. I thought I followed the instructions correctly for the neckband but the finished result doesn’t match the measurements in the instructions. The instructions said the neckband should be close to an inch wide whereas, my neckband is only around half an inch wide. I didn’t dwell on this too much as I really liked the finish so I left it as it was. All the raw edges are enclosed and I top stitched the neckband with a zig zag stitch.


Please excuse the unsightly bra lines. Tried on every bra with this tee and none are invisible! The fabric was extremely lightweight and drapey which I think clung to everything.

So the fabric choice wasn’t the best (when will I ever learn?!). I had some viscose/lycra/jersey mix from Minerva Crafts that I had left over from another project. It’s a strange fabric that was grand for the Briar tee. It’s quite awkward to sew with as it has a little bit of a sheen almost (the lycra??) and makes it quite slippery to use. I don’t pin the fabric much when I’m sewing but I found that I had to use quite a lot of pins to keep the fabric stable while sewing and from slipping all over the joint.

This fabric comes in something ridiculous like 100 different colours and is really good value at around £4 per meter. To wear my Briar made out of this fabric is like wearing secret pyjamas! It’s very soft and comfortable to wear. I made a mistake and pressed the fabric which caused markings on where the seams fall on the inside of the tee.


It also caused markings, looking at the above picture, even where there are no seams! It’s not as noticeable when wearing. I made this tee to wear while cycling or doing some yoga so I’m not too bothered about it not being perfect.

I made this Briar tee in a size small in the long version (there is also a cropped version). The sizing is great, I wouldn’t change a thing about it. The length of the long version was far too long for my liking though. There is a high-low hem so I cut the back to the same length as the front and hemmed the tee about half an inch – perfect! I was very happy with the outcome.

To summarise, the Briar tee has been a great success and I look forward to making another one whenever I get through my sewing list – ha!

Thanks for reading 🙂

Charlotte xx


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